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Customer-Centric Data : From Here to Maturity

Earlier this month, I was fortunate to have be invited to moderate a panel at the Digital Analytics Hub in New Orleans. The panel was focused on ‘Cognitive Analytics’ and included: Ashish Braganza | Head of Global Analytics & BI at Lenovo Matt Gershoff | Co-Founder at Conductrics June Dershewitz,| Head of Data Governance and […]

Study : The State of Marketing Installations and Preparedness for AI Integration

Over the last decade, we’ve had the privilege of installing hundreds of analytic systems for marketing and advertising for companies, in nearly every industry, all over the world. We’ve done it all: Web, Mobile, BI, AI, and even invented quite a few products along the way. These installations were most often built around some formal […]

The Best of 2017 Digital Intelligence | Pre-Season Edition

LinkedIn has recently become, for us, a wealth of new information on topics in technology we’re interested in and we’re consuming a lot of it. In the process, we’ve figured we can focus in on some of the articles using the bookmark feature, which is great. However, from the desktop, this feature is nearly impossible […]

St. Patrick’s Day Math Lesson : My Other Favorite Italian Recipe

The art of telling a good story is a skill the Irish (myself included) really appreciate. Not to be lost for ‘tradition’ either, there’s plenty of Irish, and good stories, to go around. One of our favorite stories is that of the famous Deacon’s Son, St. Patrick. Also a fine and fitting topic to begin […]

Adobe DTM : Hybrid Cloud (Staging) and Library Download (Production) Instructions

There is a time in implementation work where you inevitably run into the world of PII and data security. This is the case with a client of ours recently, and we’ve researched a solution which allows for versatile development library testing. We’ve taken the time to perform emulation to validate this method is applicable and […]

Managing the Customer Journey: Everything Old is New Again

In  May 2008, while working with CableOrganizer.com in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and writing for WebAnalyticsDemystified.com as a blogger, we developed a concept to understand how a user interacted with the digital purchasing process. We started by introducing our concepts through the blog and asking for participants in that discussion to avail themselves. At the time, […]